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The Guardian, anti-trans bigotry 


We fear that everything you say is true.
Just surprised us that they even published that 🤷

Wow, did an article in the mainstream UK press just give reasonable coverage to transgender children and their parents?
In the Guardian???

(Probably in the cellar behind a beware of the leopard sign. It popped up in our RSS feeds that pull from across the press, so catch all sorts of stuff that never makes the site or paper proper. But still...)

The long read: Trans children and their families still often face suspicion and suppression, but attitudes are changing

Hoarding, death adjacent 

Aye, we did it from distance.
So only had a couple of windows of opportunity, as it was 550 miles away. Kind of forced our hand in the end.

That knowing that there is important stuff to be retained, but not knowing *where* they have kept it makes it so hard. Feel for you both as it means going through *everything* to be sure.
That tends to trigger memories/emotions and can make the process slower.

5 printers indeed...

Oh, he does.
It's why he was bought, as a kind of therapet 😀
The rest of us love him too, but he has a job to do.

Hoarding, death adjacent 

Gosh, that's a task.
When we cleared just the roof of our in-laws house, it took 2 days to do. The rest of the house, well we ended up just going through for things that needed keeping, and then getting a clearance company in.
That was in a non-hoarding household.
So we can imagine the scale of that task.

Rough few days again.
Back at the hospital for our eldest*.

So some kitten therapy happened this evening.
He is able to go outside, but not roam until he is neutered. So he adores his moments of play in the garden and the vast array of new sensations.

(Cat eye contact)

*(She is home and OK-ish, for the time being)

Hope everyone has a good start on this misty monday!

This #toadstool barely grew over the leafes on the forest ground and I wanted it mostly sharp, but without the leaves in the background creating visual distractions. So I used a tripod plus macro rail, to shoot multiple images while moving the camera forward a few mm after each one.
This is the resulting focus stack of ~ 15 images with wide open aperture.

#photography #macro #EyesOnNature

Was out picking earlier.
Lots of nice boletes and chanterelles.

However, the warmth and rain have brought out a huge variety of fungi.
The fly agaric is one of our favourites, especially when it is first breaking through. A little riot of colour.

(Not for eating, unless you want to mess with your sense of scale like Alice 😉)

We have a few of these tote bags.
Cheap from Flying Tiger, so when we go to the shops there is a couple spare on the back door or in the roof of the truck.

Anyway, youngest brought these to us and said "Spot the difference".

Quite how they managed that in production, we are not quite sure. 😆
Only one of the four or five we have is out of order 🤷‍♀️

Petition to get NICE #MECFS guidelines published (anyone, anywhere, can sign!) 

Please sign this petition to NICE to publish the new #MECFS guidelines. They were cancelled at the last minute by vested interests who want to keep damaging treatments.

Anyone can sign the petition, it doesn't matter where you live as this will have a global impact on MECFS support, research and access to benefits. We need all allies to help us get this done.

More info about this on the link:

#NICEguideline #pwME #ChronicIllness #LongCovid

@MECFS @ChronicIllness

trans, UK, GMC Webberley clown show 

(Sorry, saw time and had to start cooking, so will be brief)
Fingers crossed you get some improvements to situation/wellbeing that then helps with all the other stuff.

(Damn the interconnectedness of all of this and how it can get to get one down)

trans, UK, GMC Webberley clown show 

If you need weight loss for surgery, it can be done quite quickly if you really need to.
Not the healthiest to do in the long term, but if a goal is needed, then *possible*.
NHS do it for some heart treatment for example, and get a patient to do rapid weight loss, so they can then operate.

Low Carb + High Fat essentially.

Better to do it properly though if you have the time. (Personal trainer and nutrition coach among our qualifications)

trans, UK, GMC Webberley clown show 

Oh, planning to go straight at them with the expectation that they provide a referral.
We have a plan.
Starting to draft up that ready for the 25th of next month, which is our anniversary of HRT and when we start to put things in motion.

How well it works, we will see, but we know how to apply pressure by asking all the awkward questions and which magic invocations* to use 😉

*(legislation/guidelines/organisations etc although real magic is useful)

trans, UK, GMC Webberley clown show 

They are **SCARED**.
Certainly, our GPs were. Terrified to act, in case they were to be accused of doing something wrong. By us, by the GMC, by the local authority, by the press....

The irony, that nearly a year after requesting the specific hormone treatment from our GP, they are now providing it, because an NHS Endo has told them they can, is not lost on us.

They could have done that at the outset, and saved us anguish/trauma/money. 🤦

But fear!

trans, UK, GMC Webberley clown show 

We *suspect*, based on the inability to provide record analysis, both in the Tavistock/Bell and this case, that they just don't keep the data.
They don't know if what they do is a success or not, because they don't ever look beyond what's in front of them and applying what they have always done 🤷
Certainly, what our GIC let slip in correspondence, and testimony from those who have attended, this rings true.

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