Today's word for photographs was postbox.

We offer:
- A postbox on a post
- A box on a post*
- An old stamp dispenser frame, which you might need to post a letter

*(As a postie in years past, we used boxes *like* these to store extra mail bags in to extend a round. Either that, or garages, Ernie's shed, local cafes etc...)


Today's word for photographs was orange.

It's not the easiest colour to come by in nature around here. Orange tip butterflies were about but far too flitty, and we didn't see any robins.

We offer:
- Orange on a discarded marker
- Got lucky with some orange slime mold
- Orange arc in a rainbow
- Orange checkpoint clip that has seen better days

A deer wandered into my garden today. It’s living in the trees behind my house. I live in the city. 😮 🦌

Today's word for photographs was nuts.

Not really the season for nuts on the trees here, so we offer:

- A rusted nut on an old gate post.
- A nut through a bridge girder.
- A metal sculpture of a dog with nuts on it's flank.
- Beech leaves and branches, with a few of last years nut casings left hanging.

@kensanata Scratch a filter and it's relatively *much* cheaper to replace than a lens. So A lot of people will use a UV filter to protect against physical damage.

when a cat meows, you:

Good afternoon friends! Cooled off & dimmed today–rare glistering beams of sunlight as wind swept patchy clouds along.

One of the accidental delights of having set my life for now to a fairly strict set pattern is that by shifting even a few things around there's a bubbling, giddy feeling of novelty. Today I took a walk after lunch in the afternoon, & the difference in the light, in the subtleties of birdsong & how my body felt, was almost like a revelation.

May we find openness & trust today!

Today's word for photographs was man.

We offer:
- Yellow warning man on a gate
- MAN (letters) on a Manituo loader
- Man hole cover
- Michelin Man (Bibendum)

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