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Not only are the parties not supposed to look at them, but *you* are not supposed to report on them!


Will be swept under the carpet I am sure...

We still have time.
Who wants to sink lower?
Race to the bottom of the sewer is on.

No way he would *ever* do that...

Opinion: I wish Boris Johnson could sit in my GP’s chair and tell my sick and suffering patients we cannot give them what they need

Good analysis

"...the BBC and ITV. One of the protections against our feral press was that we had a mixed commercial and public service broadcast system which could be relatively immune to political and commercial pressure.

Kuenssberg and Peston have shown the other hidden danger: the danger of client journalism, of editors in hock to their sources thanks to the clubbish cliqueness of the lobby system of unattributed briefings."

Want to see a combination of lack of empathy and privileged attitude when taking someone's property in order to subtly bully the other person.

Credit to the reporter for calmly holding his ground.

He really is a detestable creature.

Ballots are supposed to be secret. Postal or otherwise. So is he just *pretending* to have committed electoral fraud to big up his support, or has he *actually* committed electoral fraud?

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