Twitter may be awful, but every now and then someone send you a gem
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BREAKING - In an attempt to prevent media intrusion, scrutiny and harassment, Prince Harry has announced his bid to become the new Scottish Tory leader.



My wife just sent me this photo of the bus window.

Someone local has been at work πŸ‘

It wasn't even us 😝 Though we have other plans πŸ˜‰

Might have to have a bit of a *think* about the new Scottish influx.

I'm pro-indy for and interested in writing about and engaging with politics.

However, followed a couple of people and now it's links to twitter, one liners and facebook polls.
Replies are not using the reply feature, so you can't get a thread.


I'm not a one issue person (or a one person person 😝 ) and at the moment, it feels like the influx is.

Need a rounded culture in my timeline....

Been a bit busy today, out and about...
Usual Saturday stuff, time on the hill, gymnastics, shopping etc.
Just been catching up on the timeline a bit as a consequence.

Most will have noticed that I have a bit of interest in politics and wanting to see an independent
Wings Over Scotland is one of the various blog/twitter sources I have watched for some time.

It has however, moved towards something other than independence, primarily concerned with the GRA instead.


Alistair Jack, Secretary of State for Scotland on BBC Radio Scotland this morning.

Responding to the UK being called "a voluntary union of nations" uttered these words:

"I completely disagree with that"

Truth will out.

European Union -> No interference preventing the Brexit referendum.

UK (Voluntary Union?) -> Scotland not "permitted" to hold a referendum.

Audio clip:

(I cannot figure out a container for audio so self hosted)

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