Well, I need to write some of this stuff up in long form, but life has not been conducive to that in the last few days.

However, things are slowly beginning to stabilise a little. We are far from a functioning, stable and cohesive system. But we are getting a sense of where we might be going and how we might start to make things work.

Talked to my children as well as my wife about multiple personalities and how it dys(functions) for us/me at the moment.


Most of those toots under this tag probably form a reasonable start of our exploration of our common values as a tribe within.
So I've stuck them in the next textfile

Probably as well, as I'm not sure of the amount of spoons to hand today. The bag which contains them is opaque, but feels lighter than perhaps it should.

Despite our difficulties to define, understand, or articulate at this stage.
We are mostly pacifist.
Past actions and non-violent approaches attest to this if nothing else.

But *understand* quite clearly, there is one within us that is capable of the most terrible things. I like to think that I and my tribe keep them in check, nurture and guard.

Turn your back on people and allow harm to come to others through inaction, well you might see my tribe turn aside and let it rise.

The nature of what I am going to refer to as "the drop", for want of better terminology.

My tentative explanation and exploration of switching.


Said I/we would have to write this up.
Decided to when I can place these in some textfiles on one of my domains.

Partly a big step, because of the disconnect of different domains/accounts being part of our fractured state over the years.
But if we are to come together and reconcile within, then separation cannot be the dominant method. We need to risk exposure, we need to coalesce.

These will be sporadic, opportunity to write without disturbance is small.


Sometimes things connect.
Sometimes it's seeing lots of blue cars because you have just bought a blue car.
Other times it's deja vu, serendipity, confirmation bias etc...

Who knows 🤷

We see the world not as it is, but as we are.

Still, that is our nature.

Anyway, found this while looking for information on

They have a GLOSSARY!
Also, the forum header uses a generated geometric tree, like the one I used for the top half of my world tree design.

Looking for information on
Boosts very welcome.

Trying to figure out some stuff and I lack the language to either express what I experience* or to seek good information that might help.

So, anyone got any good resources or people that might be worth a follow to learn more.

Not talking about roles/behaviours here, but distinct identities if that makes sense.

*I will attempt to articulate that in a bit. Probably cannot fit it into 500 characters. Certainly not in ELI5 form 😜

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