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When it is hot, abandon the paths and just travel in the river as opposed to alongside it πŸ˜€

Mostly a wade, with a short swim.

(Selfie, eye contact)

Passed over the Linn of Quioch today.

Stopped and took shoes and socks off for a paddle as it was lovely and warm.

Stopped by Tomnaverie stone circle on the way back today.

Which it quite a nice spot. Phone camera does not do it justice 🀷

Where do you put your nuclear bunker when planning? A few feet from a stone circle apparently 🀣

An odd combination of old and new. πŸ˜€

Went for a shortish walk with our wife this morning intending to have lunch at the bridge and dangle our feet in the water.
Weather was so lovely, and water so inviting, it turned into a swim πŸ˜€

When cooking outside on a fire, the smoke tends to get in certain peoples eyes.
Some people can seemingly attract it. It follows them, or their chair, not sure which.

However, the pandemic does lend itself to providing a solution of sorts 😝

Does make getting the ketchup on your hotdog trickier though... 🀣

Now, we *only* have Chromium on the machine for use with the NHS Near Me video service. (Which could be made to work with other browsers, but 🀷)

But it baffles us that given it offers nothing appreciably different as a piece of software in terms of features or performance, that Chromium takes SO long to compile.

Indeed, Chromium compiling on all 8 cores will fail on 16GB of RAM, and needs 32GB to build consistently.

7 hrs vs 1 hr.
What does that extra 6hrs really gain other than heating 🀣

Mountain pack knife, a garden version of this fillet knife but shorter and broader, seemed to take oiling quite well.
On that basis, we decided to apply that to our favourite.
Complete disassembly this time.
Sanding the handle and immersing it (weighted) for 3 days before drying and reassembly.
Adjusted the pinch gap for opening a tad with a small file.

Had to be thorough this time as a child had got melted wax all over it this past week 😝

(Image of blade below)

Back in our local woods again.

Good to stretch our legs and forage a few chanterelles for tea as we are having burgers from the butchers.

So it has begun.
In the leaf litter not more than 500 paces from the house πŸ˜€

From tiny beginnings springs forth much voluminous fruits in the coming weeks

Given that 3 decades ago, it was an offshoot of a Methodist Church that tried to drag us into a form of conversion therapy, this is massive progress.
First same sex marriage, now this.
Credit due for finally changing

Methodist Church bans conversion therapy 'in any form' after unequivocal vote

Any attempts to use prayer or coercion to change aΒ person’s sexual orientation or gender identity is spiritual abuse and a perversion of the gospel message of love and mercy.

Better shot of the horses, so you can see the lead male brown horse. The grey is a very elderly female, and they have only just got to know each other this week.

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Random old day today.
Visited our future feline addition, who will stay with mother cat until we return from travelling.
Walked two elderly horses, and found some impressive king boletes in the woods.

Was very warm yesterday.
Braved a car park, and it wasn't too bad, but there were a lot of people out on the hill.

Got to travel down to England for a few days to visit our MIL who has not been seen by our wife for a *very* long time now.

Hence, we felt like getting a bit of height under our belt before the flatness of Suffolk.

Linn of Dee -> Sron Riach -> McDui -> Derry Cairngorm -> Linn of Dee.

Now, we are sure ratings are less important to them than generating outrage online, but it's still amusing to see them beaten by Paw Patrol in Welsh 🀣

GB News trounced in viewing figures by Pobol y Cwm - and gets five times fewer than Welsh language Paw Patrol

GB News’s viewing figures have slumped below those of Welsh language S4C shows such as Pobol y Cwm, the latest figures reveal.

School has a neglected wooden mud kitchen, which our wife salvaged and got the children to sand with sanding blocks we made for them.

Brought it home to restore and treat it over the summer.

Today started well as the pound shop had steel mixing bowls that fit the holes perfectly. Β£2 well spent.
Will be looking in charity shops for deeper pans that fit as well for variety, but a good start.

Planning on adding hooks/pegs and the like before oiling it and sending it back πŸ˜€

Just read an interesting little book. Took about 90 minutes (whilst waiting in the truck) so a short read.

Not a huge amount of practical knowledge, short on detail, more tales and signposting to things worth researching further.
But, that was still a good start.

Now started a book on Scots Herbal Lore, which is much more practical, and hopefully will flesh out some of this.

Our youngest, who is a gymnast, found our bar on the outdoor gym a little unforgiving.
It is scaffold after all, so very little flex 😝

Found some old foam, and good old duct tape, padded to her hip width πŸ‘

A few from today.

Spittlebug foam absolutely everywhere at the moment πŸ˜€

Not that foraging stops, but it feels like we are kicking off in earnest now. Boletes are starting to appear, this one from while we were out, but got some from our local woods too...

Still sparse, when you operate one for the slugs/deer, one for spores, one for human eating. But that will now change rapidly.

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