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Got the washing in just before it rained πŸ‘

Found this lovely moth resting on an item, and re-homed it somewhere safe before dark falls again πŸ˜€

We have no idea whatsoever what possessed our child to buy this as a gift to the household 😝

Need to find a good decorative hook, and then it's going by the door as a reminder to all that venture outside πŸ˜‰

And a few small things.
Loads of beetles out, something woke them up this week.

Found sorrel high up, and though tiny, full of flavour.

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A few pictures from today's wanderings.

Blowy up top as expected.
Enough to plait hair to keep it under control πŸ˜€

Sometimes life is fleeting.
Time flows differently at scales big and small.

Found both a bee and a damselfly that had used their allotment of time in this passing through.

Couple of macro shots.

Butterflies are out today.
Lots of warm wind, so they are mostly flitting around and not stopping too long.
This one was kind enough to pose for a picture.

Not that pretty, but hopefully now less prone to damage up out of the way.

The standard Raspberry Pi 3 case has a removable section that press fit on top.
Drilled a hole and used a rubber washer to mount that to a drywall fixing. So the Pi can just be pulled of if needed without any tools, and pushed back in place again.

Couple more...

Love the fact that blaeberry flowers essentially look like the fruit, just a red/pink as opposed to the purple of the fruit. πŸ’š

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Day of small things.
Insects buzzing about, frogs and lizards abound.

Grey covered tops, wreathed in their cloudy hats, so just approach pictures.

Everything was breezy and busy, so not the sharpest of pictures, but you can't always rely on nature posing for you πŸ˜€

90th anniversary of the local young farmers association this year, so we gained a display at the entrance to the village πŸ˜€

When it's hot, one of the joys of the hills is the ability to drink the **best** water.

No matter how warm, it's not hard to find a suitable burn above farmland that gives wonderful clear, cool, refreshing sustenance πŸ˜ƒ

(media uploads still hit and miss, hence the gap between toots 🀷)

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A few pics from yesterday...
(Media uploads were borked due to a hosting issue until now on the instance)

Hot and sunny.

Everything has taken in all the rain and the sun comes out, resulting in an explosion of growth, flower and activity πŸ’š

Came home from a walk to find our youngest had picked flowers while she was out and left a small bouquet in a vase for us to find πŸ˜€

Today we managed to mow the grass, write up a bunch of stuff, rescue various drunk and otherwise intoxicated teenagers*, and soldered some new batteries into a dead Skulpt Aim.
Probably not the best repair, but it works and we got a quick body fat scan out of it. πŸ‘
Now left charging properly.
A +ve day

*Last day of school for some πŸ˜€ and we would rather drive them to the park and home when they call for a rescue as one is struggling, than have them not ask because they fear reprimand...

First proper shrooms are up. Not long until we start finding some useful ones.

This is not one we recognise without looking it up, but still exciting that they are fruiting, as more will be on their way from now onwards.

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Today's wanderings were dominated by the wet weather we have had.
Streams become paths, paths become streams.
Crossings require different locations and either using poles to brace against the flowing water, or in some spots fallen trees to jam against lest the thigh deep water knock you off your feet.

Youngest child went shopping with her friends today.

Came bouncing in to show off her charity shop bargains. But appeared most excited that she had bought the cat "GAY TREATS!"


Poor thing is adored, but is getting labelled irrespective of it's identity, whether it likes it or not 😝

(When Loki gets goodies and fuss, we suspect this will be an OK deal by him)

Was a bit unsure about one of our new fruit trees. We put three different fruits along one of the fences, two of which seem to have settled nicely, good foliage etc...
Despite knowing it would be later until the bids opened, it was still strangely nerve wracking.

Checked between sets, and wahoo πŸ’š

Still got to get them through the coming winter, but hoping they establish enough to stand a chance.

5 months there friend.

That's some tenacity πŸ˜€

(Thrown up there while filling Christmas stockings...)

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