Today's word for photographs was orange.

It's not the easiest colour to come by in nature around here. Orange tip butterflies were about but far too flitty, and we didn't see any robins.

We offer:
- Orange on a discarded marker
- Got lucky with some orange slime mold
- Orange arc in a rainbow
- Orange checkpoint clip that has seen better days

Today's word for photographs was nuts.

Not really the season for nuts on the trees here, so we offer:

- A rusted nut on an old gate post.
- A nut through a bridge girder.
- A metal sculpture of a dog with nuts on it's flank.
- Beech leaves and branches, with a few of last years nut casings left hanging.

Today's word for photographs was man.

We offer:
- Yellow warning man on a gate
- MAN (letters) on a Manituo loader
- Man hole cover
- Michelin Man (Bibendum)

Today's word for photographs was light.

The wind has been racing clouds across the sky all day, so the light has changed minute by minute.

We offer:
- Light through the holes in a leaf
- Fairground lights
- 70s light shade in a caravan
- Light as a feather

UKpol silly 

We did find this stone on our walk...

Also, mushrooms are starting to appear 🍄

Today's word for photos was knowledge.

Just a couple today...
Did get out for a run, but only after a psych appointment and hence neither the brain or the weather was conducive. Had planned on going past the museum library window and a couple of other spots.
So just two from a walk a few minutes ago.

The knowledge from here forms the basis for us asserting estover rights in the woods in order to help fuel the fire.

Plaque by the Montgarrie bridge that tells of its construction and history.

Not sure how to interpret our score on this...
Quite fun though 😀

Is that an Antidepressant or a Tolkien character?


OK, so today's word was joyful.

Seeing as it is world bee day today, we find cheer in the many insects and bees that are taking advantage of the fact that the council has stopped mowing. So grass areas are now covered in a carpet of flowers.

We offer:
- A wonderful 2 storey window giraffe
- Uncut verges, which are full of flowers and pollinators.
- Brightly coloured bee hives.
- A wriggly bee (focus fuzzy)

Death - Bird 

One extra.

There was a series of painted rocks that appeared here about a while back. Left on benches and fence posts.

Many have *walked*.
This one remains.

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Today's word for photographs was illustration.

We offer:
- Illustration on how to do a chin up
- Couple of pieces of artwork from the skatepark
- An illustration of a local farmer* from behind the bull statue


One extra...


This way to squirrels ⬆️

An arrow carved into a tree.

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Today's word for photographs was handcarved.

We offer:
- Pair of sculptures from the local sculpture garden
- Two bears in a nearby garden
- Old style fencing (no nails) in a modern post

So "How to write 1,000 poems in 1,000 days" appeared in our RSS feeds.
Fine, fluff pieces are expected, and we pull from a lot of sources, so we get used to skimming past.

However, we were really disappointed to read the article and find out that the answer wasn't to go and experience life for 998 days, then take an epic dosage of psychedelics and scratch them into your media of choice on the last day.

How, well let's think...


Today's word for photographs was golden.

We offer:
- Golden ratio
- Golden age of steam
- Golden dragon from our window
- Golden field

(Got moisture on the lens in the field, but given the amount of moisture in the air, it wasn't too bad)

Bonus blossom we took on a walk earlier and just got around to taking off the camera.

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Today's word for photographs was flowers.

We actually found this slightly less inspiring today, as getting an alternative or creative take on it just wasn't happening in our head. Plus the wind was up, so some shots were just unviable with the amount of movement.

We offer:
- A small blue flower
- Close up of some blossom
- Our eldest child's makeup (when she heard we were struggling)
- Insects on some white flowers

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