Test bed number two...

Outside stickers are being destruction tested on the back of the truck.

For indoors, our laptop is providing a suitable test surface.

(The Luna logo was on there from an old purchase)

In the garage looking for the right bits to drill some tile tomorrow...

This catches our eye.
We were talking about fly agaric.

We have a rather large specimen. πŸ„

Must restore it properly sometime.

Wonder if any can guess where it came from and what it was used for in the past???

(UK females of a certain age may stand the best chance...)

Slight nip to the air these days.
Autumn is on its way.

As evidenced by fresh ice and snow on the tops...

(In very small amounts, but none the less)

So it begins...

Seems to have taken an eternity to get here, and a substantial amount of battling, but finally we can start making the first steps. πŸ˜€

Sticker set for Highland Cow Pride set is coming on...

Rough A4 cut set roughed up.
They will end up as circular vinyl stickers at 55mm diameter.

Blanks are because that is what is left on an A4 sheet.

Got a few other ideas for them, but any suggestions welcome πŸ˜ƒ

Couple of additions to our mountain pack.
(Which we need to refill ready for tomorrow now)

Couldn't really find a good way of sewing them, difficult with internal layers etc... Plus we have no idea where the curved needles have gone. 🀷
So glue it was. We will see how they hold up.

From a local(ish) couple here
So if anyone fancies supporting them, we can recommend their service.

What to do when the granite has eaten the forefoot lugs of your trail shoes???

Cut the rest off and turn them into road shoes 😝

Of course, the order for printer and ink is in two parts.
The first of which to turn up is the ink 😝

Morning gardening while waiting on deliveries, then artwork. Can't test until we get colour printer, so just developing ideas.

There is now a herd of cows, various pride types.

Plus, if we are burning through materials testing, we might as well scratch our own itch.

Sticker idea for the back of the truck.

Neurodiverse + Trans + Hills = Tranquillity

Tonight we have mostly been making an axolotl for a sixteenth birthday cake.

Because who doesn't love an axolotl πŸ˜€

Rough process for a colour sticker based on a line from Althea by the Grateful Dead...

Need *something* next.

Going to hold it there, as that something is doing the slippery thing. Where you catch the glimpse of it in the peripheral, and when you turn to look at it, your gaze just slides off and it eludes observation. 😝

Need to pull the real photographs off the camera later, but a phone picture for the time being captured this morning.

Hanging out in the gap between the mist and cloud.

Pansexual version for our eldest child...

Hopefully there is a series in there somewhere. There's an element or two missing, so walking away for a bit, fresh eyes will see it later... πŸ˜€

Plus our artist needs caffeine.

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Very much more sticker like...

Coo has *wrong* colours and fringe needs an under layer, plus various other tweaks we are sure...

Working on art again, and already put some monochrome stuff on the back of the truck...

This is a test piece that is very much a WIP, but has been kicking around in our head for a while to develop.

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Specifically avoided chanterelles this evening, although a couple slipped in.
A selection of boletes and a couple of baby puffballs.

Something plus mushrooms for tea tomorrow night πŸ˜€

Some photos from yesterday.

Stayed away from major car parks etc... Local press was reporting that some were completely overwhelmed given the hot weather.

Was warm out, but much more pleasant on the tops once we got into some wind.

Despite the high temperatures, there is still the odd patch of snow to be found.

Never normally see people on some remote tops, and was talking to someone about the fact he was the first person we had seen in the area. He too, was looking for quiet spots.

This sleepy beauty was out on our walk today.

Slow worm.

Not a snake 🐍
But a legless lizard.

Carefully returned back to long grass after our wife had checked it over.

Also saw a baby common lizard while picking mushrooms, but that was quick to scarper under cover before a picture.

Stumbled across Chaos Creations while looking for birthday presents for our eldest child. Being as they are pretty local to us, we ordered a couple of patches for our all black kilt.

Planning on combining them with an old snake brooch in place of a kilt pin when everything turns up.

Defaulted to a kilt for all big hill days, just combined with modern technical gear. Works pretty well πŸ˜€

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