Wow, did an article in the mainstream UK press just give reasonable coverage to transgender children and their parents?
In the Guardian???

(Probably in the cellar behind a beware of the leopard sign. It popped up in our RSS feeds that pull from across the press, so catch all sorts of stuff that never makes the site or paper proper. But still...)

The long read: Trans children and their families still often face suspicion and suppression, but attitudes are changing

The Guardian, anti-trans bigotry 

@CreatureOfTheHill You know, of course, they'll follow it up with yet another opinion piece expressing Valid Concerns™. This is, after all, the paper that has published Freddie McConnell, but also offered a renewal of Suzanne Moore's contract a few weeks ago. (Only to have her run to the Torygraph and do the usual Woe For I Am Persecuted)

Gods, the British press is in a sorry state. About the only paper with a print edition where you can see a trans-relevant headline and not have to brace yourself is the Metro, given the Independent abandoned that some years ago. Maybe the Mirror too? The Guardian runs some positive stories, but seemingly only to "maintain balance". That said, the Mail will do similarly, often with a focus on minors, with equal ferocity in both directions: look at this charming family and the kid's trans, alongside ZOMG even chiiiiiildren are being given Experimental Drugs and being *pushed* into transitioning.

The Guardian, anti-trans bigotry 


We fear that everything you say is true.
Just surprised us that they even published that 🤷

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