Now, we should not be surprised, as this is how it *should* be. But when you have experienced lots of friction/resistance, and so have those in similar situations, it is pleasant, but still surprising.

Anyway, just had a text message from the bank. Confirmation of our name change after taking in our home made deed poll which we based on and just tweaked the layout in Open Office.

Staff were lovely, accepted everything with no issue and we didn't need extra paperwork πŸ‘

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We had taken in letter from NHS in our new name, passport and driving license as supporting ID documents.

Actually only needed the home made deedpoll on nice paper and one of our existing bank cards.

Now every other organisation needs to live up to this πŸ˜ƒ

DVLA we doubt will be as prompt and helpful, and they are next. But less of a day to day issue.

@CreatureOfTheHill w00t! Chances are, it'll all go smoothly. ^_^ A couple outfits do tend to be worse, like Three, Tesco Mobile, and Santander, but it all went as one might hope in my case. (Oh, gods, receiving that new passport though =:)

Passport is a big one, both functionally and psychologically πŸ˜ƒ That must have been great.

Our picture on our passport is a complete horror show. Even pre-transition we would either get stink eye at passport control in the UK, or chuckles from the less uptight Europeans. 😬

That one is lower down the list as we have no travel plans in the foreseeable. But it is useful as ID, so we will not be able to put it off forever.

@CreatureOfTheHill It seems compulsory for ID photos to be awful. ^_^; Not thrilled with mine, but eh, it got me past SFO CBP. =:)

Can *definitely* recommend it. (Both a correct passport and SFO =:) It's a unique moment to see one's real name and marker right there on as indisputable a document as they come.

@CreatureOfTheHill it shows that it's really not that hard at all. It's a choice to make it difficult.

If it wasn't so random, that would help as well.
The two young cashiers that helped us were fantastic. But we know people that have had bad experiences with the same bank. So it's really variable, and depends on who you get.

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