Deck of the den sanded back and given it's first coat of oil.
Given the temperature, it will be dry soon enough πŸ˜€ Not that we intend a second coat until tomorrow.

The rest of the den is getting fresh paint later on. A brighter blue over the existing, and covering the cream with a bright yellow. Going for the beach hut look a bit like those on the Norfolk coast. Was tempted to go stripey, but our patience for painting is not that great.🀣

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Reckon it's going to need probably three coats/applications.

Two would be fine we are sure, but given how long it spent under snow/ice this winter, three is probably better for timber low down.

True, it always comes down to the need to move on to the next job.
Our wife has the knack of spotting three more jobs for each one started 😜

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