We have a set of tools that can accommodate metric, imperial, JIS, various thread pitch standards etc.

However, it would be much easier if these were not mixed at random across the same damn part.

Hardtop manufacturers, we are looking at you...

There are Phillips, Posidriv and security Torx screwheads in one coffee maker.
That's the problem with sourcing from different parts suppliers without nailing down the spec.
And try comparing metric with BSP pipe fittings.
I once helped a friend replace a bath in a house that had imperial size pipes.
Using a taper reamer and a lot of solder

Curiously, we expect it more in electronic equipment, partly as we are used to being discouraged from repair.
It's when you bump into it in more mechanical arenas, like your pipework, that it jars a bit more.

(Job now done)

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