Stopped by Tomnaverie stone circle on the way back today.

Which it quite a nice spot. Phone camera does not do it justice 🀷

Where do you put your nuclear bunker when planning? A few feet from a stone circle apparently 🀣

An odd combination of old and new. πŸ˜€

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Apparently the bunker and the stone circle are not the only sites there:

"Surveys associated with the 1999-2000 excavations revealed that the circle was not a monument in isolation, but was a deliberately sited, integral part of the prehistoric landscape. A rock art survey around the hill discovered a total of 29 cup-marked rocks, and it was found that their distribution was focused on the circle location."

Thanks, that's interesting.
Planning a walk around there with our wife in a bit, so will do a bit of reading before exploring πŸ˜€

@CreatureOfTheHill I think that may be a Royal Observer Core bunker. Not meant for long term survival. Basically, during the cold war the UK had thousands of trained volunteers sit in those bunkers so that if a nuclear detonation occured, the survivors in the bunkers could radio in with the information as to where a bomb hit, rough magnitude and direction of fallout. About 1500 were built. There are a few which have been restored and can be toured.

You are right. There is a couple we know of that are not much to look at, not that far from the house.
Would be cool to look inside a well preserved one πŸ˜€

@CreatureOfTheHill Not sure if any of the restored ones are giving tours at the moment given the extremely cramped confines and pandemic circumstances. Here is a video tour of one in Scotland:

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