Just realised, having got back home from being away, that this is the first day we haven't taken a lateral flow test for a while...

Quite nice not having to trigger the gag/cough reflex, and then nasal discomfort 😀

It has been worth it though. After ~16 months, we got our MIL outside of the care home (carefully) to visit the park around the corner in a wheelchair, and then later to visit the memorial to her husband in the woods.
Possibly for the last time, so worth carefully managed risks 👍

It had become a family ritual, get up take a covid test each, report it to the care home in time for a late morning visitation 😀

Sadly, had to skip visiting sister in law on the way back.

She had a colleague test positive, and we couldn't be sure we wouldn't bring it back to here. One of our daughters friends is clinically vulnerable, and the consequences were not worth thinking about.

(She hadn't told or tested her kids either, so contact with any of them was a complete gamble 😬)

England, and built up areas were a culture shock. First fuel stop and 3 people were in paying without masks...

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