Ho hum...

Deed Poll name change is convoluted when you are resident in one place, born in another. Enrolled vs un-enrolled, self generated vs using a solicitor etc...
It *should* be so easy, but although a simple method *should* be accepted by all, everyone's experiences seem to wildly differ 🤦

Anyway, lumped down on a simple self generated on on home print to velum.
🤞 We get the order of organisations right after that, as of course that matters too 😮

We have already entered into name limbo, where we are on record as both old and new names. Which is something we are trying to minimise, as it's both jarring and causes confusion.

We had this at our second vaccination, where we were under different names for the GP record, and the vaccine centre. To their credit, they fixed it there and then, but always a slight stress.

What we *hadn't* given thought to is our new signature 🤣

Going to have to figure that one out before our witnesses sign copies in a few days 😀

Our old signature, is nothing like our handwriting. Which, like many people's we are sure has changed over the years.

Slightly complicated, by the fact that we have different handwriting depending on who is fronting. (Easy to spot who added to shopping lists 😝)

Going back to that childhood thing of practising signatures.
Not something we considered.

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