Stopped for a bit today on a boulder by a burn, just below the treeline.

These four images are all from that one rock.
Yet, still we could have taken a dozen more, and *not* captured the biodiversity within a very small space.

It occurs to us, that often when biodiversity is talked about in the media etc, most of us have no real idea about what that means.
The levels of complexity in natural habitats are almost incomprehensible.

@CreatureOfTheHill these are intensely beautiful! the first shot especially; makes me hungry for tempura, or onion rings. 😀


Absolutely stunning pictures!

Sadly true. It's tragic how much environmental destruction there still is, and how much diversity is lost as a result.

We still have a great deal of hope for nature, it's tendency to gravitate towards complexity and intertwined symbiotic systems when left alone means we just need to give it space to work. 💚
A little less management, and a lot more facilitation 😀


Good that there are still some optimists 😂 lets hope for the best 🤞

@openscience @CreatureOfTheHill would you like to know how you can tune into my audio theater shows i air nightly or my anchor podcasts i do?

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