This muppet linked to the snapshot tool and not the snapshot.

So the *actual* page looked like this before they had it pointed out and quietly added it in.

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@CreatureOfTheHill It's nice to see from the Edinburgh Evening News that the Scots are just as mad as the English. We've had the same issue here with the lengthy queues for Costa Coffee and today KFC drive throughs.

At least our FM calls this type of behaviour out. Not going to stop people, but somehow that feels better.
So glad that we do not live in England or a city any more...
There was a time when the 4 of us were in a one bedroom flat in Aberdeen not so long ago. Lockdown then would have Been *very* different.

@CreatureOfTheHill They're apparently reopening IKEA next week. There's one of those just up the road from me and I fully expect the "social distancing" tailback to go right past my house.

I fully support the easing of lockdown measures, we can't carry on like this. But they're very much prioritising opening up shops rather than letting people see families and friends. It's wrong that we can go and visit IKEA and spend money but not see our loved ones. Priorities.

We have in Scotland some talks about expanding social bubbles so we keep things in check, but expand beyond the household.
People need social contact.
Despite keeping distance while out on a run today, we still socialised with a dozen people as we passed. (Plus the odd animal) Zero infection risk to either party, but massively beneficial to wellbeing for all of us.

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