This muppet linked to the snapshot tool and not the snapshot.

So the *actual* page looked like this before they had it pointed out and quietly added it in.

@CreatureOfTheHill The BBC website has been pumping out very open government propaganda for weeks - yesterday there was a lengthy article labouring the point that we couldn't possibly be the worst in Europe because those feckless Italians don't count all their deaths properly like us thorough Brits.

Various "bits" of the BBC have been doing a lot better. I've been impressed with BBC Radio 1's coverage - they've been very clear about how we're doing much worse than our neighbours.

@CreatureOfTheHill The thing with an organisation the size of the BBC is that there are sections they forget about. Radio 1/1Xtra is one of those - they seem to largely leave it to run itself, including the Newsbeat operation. It was in a completely different building until a few years ago.

R1 have been talking very openly about how behind we are, both in terms of death rates and in terms of reopening - they did a link up with a station in Australia to compare the two countries' approaches.

Interesting about Radio 1.
Bits are OK. Certain shows (we grab as podcasts are fantastic ) bit their narrative as an overall news outlet has fallen drastically in quality. Maybe it was always thus and we only in recent years noticed it.
Just taken what feels like an eternity yo navigate the local Coop and get some food in.

@CreatureOfTheHill They have cut back Newsbeat (and Radio 1 in general) over the past few years in line with most of the rest of the BBC. 1Xtra (which focuses on BAME audiences) had its own news service for years but now takes the main Newsbeat from R1, which is a big loss.

We noticed they had collapsed broadcasting overnight, not sure when, while we haven't been sleeping. So it doesn't matter if you tune in to Radio Scotland, Regional Radio or Five Live, you get the same output.
Perhaps a lockdown thing, or just cost savings.

@CreatureOfTheHill BBC Local Radio in England has always taken 5 Live overnight, as did Radio Scotland. Recently (i.e. during the lockdown) English local radio has started taking the output of BBC Radio London overnight.

They have made big changes to BBC local radio during the lockdown - a reduction in specialist shows for music genres or targeting young or ethnic minority audiences and the addition of an awful lot of generic music-and-chat shows. I doubt those shows will return.

Somehow that had passed us by then... Which is odd as we would often listen to Five Live overnight. Perhaps they have just started announcing it, hence we noticed.

Sadly, we think you are right that lost diversity will remain lost going forwards.

@CreatureOfTheHill They only brought in those specialist shows (replacing a very bland all-England shared evening show) last year. Radio Leeds gained an LGBT programme, various shows dedicated to local urban music, a show about the local performing arts, etc.

In the independent radio sector, various commercial and community radio stations are about to close down altogether because their advertisers (in retail, leisure, the arts etc) are closed and not advertising.

@CreatureOfTheHill It's in the middle of the page. "The National leads with yesterday's revelation that the UK now has the highest rate of deaths in Europe. It also leads with a story criticising BBC coverage of Boris Johnson "

Wasn't until people pointed it out, that's why we took an archive snapshot at the time.
These *oversights* and subtle revisions are all too common.
They rely on people not noticing.

@CreatureOfTheHill Oh indeed. I got confused because the first link also points to the live version

We may have been pre-caffeinated. Should have done screen grabs.
We stupidly linked to the save page, which makes a new snapshot when you open it 🤦

@CreatureOfTheHill It's nice to see from the Edinburgh Evening News that the Scots are just as mad as the English. We've had the same issue here with the lengthy queues for Costa Coffee and today KFC drive throughs.

At least our FM calls this type of behaviour out. Not going to stop people, but somehow that feels better.
So glad that we do not live in England or a city any more...
There was a time when the 4 of us were in a one bedroom flat in Aberdeen not so long ago. Lockdown then would have Been *very* different.

@CreatureOfTheHill They're apparently reopening IKEA next week. There's one of those just up the road from me and I fully expect the "social distancing" tailback to go right past my house.

I fully support the easing of lockdown measures, we can't carry on like this. But they're very much prioritising opening up shops rather than letting people see families and friends. It's wrong that we can go and visit IKEA and spend money but not see our loved ones. Priorities.

We have in Scotland some talks about expanding social bubbles so we keep things in check, but expand beyond the household.
People need social contact.
Despite keeping distance while out on a run today, we still socialised with a dozen people as we passed. (Plus the odd animal) Zero infection risk to either party, but massively beneficial to wellbeing for all of us.

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