Visited The Museum of Scottish Lighthouses yesterday.

Was on a trip to risk assess it prior to a primary school trip. Not us on the trip, but we were transport, so tagged along.

Really worth a visit. The museum manager who we met was fantastic. Once she knew we were considering autistic/adhd students, she went out of her way to help us plan and prepare.

Would thoroughly recommend a visit to anyone passing by. We need to go back and spend some time with another focus.


Video (no sound) of the lamp mechanism in the lighthouse.

Ran on clockwork.
Fantastic engineering.

@CreatureOfTheHill In a future life, I want to be a Fresnel lens. Great pics.

I need to go back with an eye less on hazards and more on the history and taking less hurried photographs.

It is a wonderful place.
Standing in a lens and moving to get colour/visual distortions is amazing.

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