Tangential to previous Toots.

Watching people elsewhere talk about voting.

If you turn your back on the harms done to people and allow your vote to enable people that are racist, homophobic, misogynistic...

Well then you can say you are not all of those things, but really you are not any better in our eyes.

Stand up and be counted.

I am reminded of the Karl Popper cartoon...

I get it's hard sometimes.
Days where there are not enough spoons.
Times where it feels too dangerous or threatening to speak up.

Voting though is safe, it's secret.

The rest of the time, talk quietly if you cannot speak up. Find those of us that do have the spoons and the strength, we cannot help you if we do not know you are there.

Build your community.
Find strength in it.

Do not ask us how you should vote.

Ask yourself, what should I do to make things better for everybody?

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