Something by the way of a refreshed

Before this instance there was and before that

If you have come across those and see me here, you may or may not notice subtle changes.

I shared this with my OH 2 days ago.

It is not *exactly* me, but closer than I can articulate at the moment. Good enough.

My tribe is dysfunctional at the moment and in need of remediation.


I need to step aside and let them breath.

So I may not be the person familiar when I post.

I could make alternative accounts, but that's fracturing us when we need to come together. Indeed it is something to an extent, reflecting, I have done in the past.

Because you have interacted with me before, you *do not* need to in the future. We have no expectation. Mute, unfollow, etc... There are tools. Use them.

We desire to cause no discomfort, but this is *new* to us.


Equally, please continue if you like.

My language might change, be inconsistent and fluid. So do *not* stress or be precious about it in turn. No offence will be taken.

I need to write this all better, in a blog, not toots. But I feel an explanation is in order of sorts, here and elsewhere.

I used to describe myself as an anarchic socialist at heart. My tribe requires that of me now, or at least something better.

Maybe all of these decades we can find some semblance of lasting peace.

@CreatureOfTheHill Thanks for taking the time, and cooperating to give me the opportunity of reading about MPD. I have no plans to mute any of you (:*

Merry Christmas and best wishes to you all for the new year to come.

> My tribe is dysfunctional at the moment and in need of remediation

Seems to me, tribes per se are dysfunctional. And irremediable! A person just needs to become capable of taking care.

In the first instance, of all the persons within 🙄 Tribes will not help much, and will not like it much? Well ok, that's a life that is perfectly liveable. Just takes some time to get the hang of it. And not lonely, ultimately. 🧡

Pardon me, coming in from the blue. Just, resonating.

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