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It's Going Down: **Verdict Handed Down as Solidarity Actions Grow for Kara Wild**

"Across the world, actions are happening in solidarity with Kara Wild, an anarchist from the US who was swept up in resistance to French Labor Reform Laws aimed against the young and poor. Along with several others, Kara is accused of taking part in the burning of…"


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Hi / / / ,

What are your thoughts on ( ) as an alternative to current currencies from an / / perspective?

They say they implement a Relative Theory of Money and it is gaining momentum in France and Belgium.

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Just when I thought it could be good to go to bed... I got a brilliant idea!

You may have heard about (, a cooperative music streaming platform.

Now, I want a similar service, but for ebooks and audiobooks.

Of course, I can't code, I can only have visions. But I'm a member of a publishing coop, so we might already have one content provider already!

So how about it, who's in?

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#catalonia gov. declared indipendence on #10Oct just to suspend the declaration some secounds after, in favor of not being threatend by military and to have dialoge with #spain.

This how it looked like in a state being existing for around 8 sec:

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General sees support across , including Madrid, Country, Valencia and other places, clearly undermining the narrative of Spanish nationalism.

Because so many in the National Guard were sent to repress in , their forces have been weakened elsewhere, which made it possible for 47 immigrants to escape a detention centre.

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Crowds demonstrating in front of the headquarters of the Spanish Police in Barcelona chant,

"More firefighters, fewer police!"
"This building will become a library!"

via Catalan News on birdsite.
#catalunya #catalonia

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> If we believe in democracy, then allowing the economy to run by a patchwork of private command structures, with no internal democracy or accountability, should make our stomachs turn. Alexis de Tocqueville once asked; “can it be believed that the Democracy which has overthrown the Feudal system and vanquished Kings, will retreat before tradesmen and capitalists?”. The question he poses requires an address, and not all are shy to the challenge.

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This septembirb illo was a lot different from my usual stylistic faire, but while we're on the topic of schmoopy burbs 😏

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