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Mastodon is shivering and many blame spooky scary skeletons

Really important guide to human rights and Web2 lessons for Web3 from @rmack - future generations will thank you for reading and acting.

@delta I'm having a weird issue with my Delta Chat app (on Android 6.0.1). It's been refusing to connect for a couple of days. I logged into the email provider via webmail and it seems to be working fine. There are DC artifacts in the inbox waiting to be processed. But DC won't connect. Any suggestions?

Ali Rae of the All Hail program on Al Jazeera has produced a 5 part series on the dark sides of digital tech. If folks you know don't have the attention span to spend over an hour watching The Social Dilemma, this episode sums it up in 17 minutes.

‘I Agree’ – the biggest lie on the internet?

#SocialMedia #AlJazeera #AllHail #AliRae #TheSocialDilemma

@theblockchainsocialist @irmalila
Evento: Reimaginando la Propiedad: Los principios del cooperativismo en la economía del token

...las preguntas que emergen son: ¿Qué hace falta para que las cooperativas sean más populares? Y, ¿Qué elementos podrían implementar de las nuevas innovaciones tecnológicas (como Blockchain) que permiten distribuir la propiedad de nuevas maneras?

"If people disagree about the nuances of a quality, they will often end up organizing into separate webs of trust that agree within themselves. Webs of trust are compatible with subjectivity. That makes webs of trust suitable for moderating a truly global platform."

- #MakoYass, 2020


"We argue that the study of collective behavior must rise to a 'crisis discipline' just as medicine, conservation, and climate science have, with a focus on providing actionable insight to policymakers and regulators for the stewardship of social systems."


Zinn Ed. Project: "Orlando and Phyllis Rodriguez spoke out against using September 11, 2001 as a pretext for war. Their son, Gregory, was thirty-one years old and working on the 103rd floor of the World Trade Center, where he died during the attack on 9/11/2001. The Rodriguez family sent an open letter titled "Not in Our Son's Name" to the New York Times and other papers after the attack."

Like his parents, Greg was an anti-war activist and deeply kind person.

The wonderful @michaelafisher talking about her world tour of cooperatives, fresh out of college...

Michaela Fisher on Her World Tour

[FB's "memories" gizmo is very attractive...]

Me sorprende mucho cómo ese argumento de que algo era "científico" y que no se podía dudar de él era combatido en los 90-2000 cuando se aplicaba a la economía. En esos años también nos decían que la economía era una "ciencia" y que no se podía dudar de ella y sus mandamientos. Y entonces no lo creíamos, y lo debatíamos. Pero si ese mismo argumento se aplica a la ciencia médica agachamos la cabeza en reverencia.

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En vez de que los conocimientos científicos estén abiertos a la crítica o al juicio, se toman como verdades reveladas, y si dudas de ellas, en vez de "hereje" eres acusado de "ignorante", de "no saber" tanto como los científicos, como si su conocimiento se encontrara en una esfera que no puedes tocar, como si la realidad que analiza la ciencia estuviera más allá de la realidad cotidiana, que cualquiera puede tocar, ver, oler...

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La ciencia hoy se parece más a la religión que a lo que la propia narrativa de la ciencia dice que es la ciencia. La ciencia hoy es el espacio del dogma, del tabú y de la verdad revelada. La ciencia hoy reclama la infalibilidad papal para si misma. La ciencia hoy se encuentra muy lejos de ese axioma que era que todo conocimiento científico es falseable.

Would anyone have willingness to help me use BigBlueButton? I haven't been able to use video in months! How do I take the advice at this website? 4. Error Establishing Connection (1020).

“ will be hosting a series of Privacy Workshops using
movies, classes, and hands-on sessions on regaining freedom in the
digital world and taking back control of your data.

Wednesday 9/15, 3-4pm ET
Introduction to Search Engines and Privacy
How to get the best search results while maintaining your privacy.

Find out how to join at

"Based on peer-reviewed research and the seasoned observations of agronomists working around the world, this white paper confidently declares that global adoption of regenerative practices across both grasslands and arable acreage could sequester more than 100% of current anthropogenic emissions of CO2 and that stable soil carbon can be built quickly enough to result in a rapid drawdown of atmospheric carbon dioxide."

- #RodaleInstitute, 2020


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Annals of pseudo-cooperativism.

A Florida outfit called Food Forest Abundance refers to its apparent franchisees as "Cooperative Partners" but there is no indication of actual cooperativism. (They seem to be marketing a version of permaculture to survivalists and anti-vaxers.)

🍄 Toadstools, mushrooms, fungi, edible and poisonous;.
Indianapolis, The Bowen-Merrill Company[c1902].

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