Announcement -
Social Coop Happy Hour / Round Table Discussion on Agrarian Commons and Trusts hosted by me
I scheduled it for April 8th, 11 AM Eastern Time (NYC) = UTC-4. Does that work for you? Are you coming? Should we reschedule? The place is BigBlueButton:

@CaitlinWaddick On my calendar, will study the material and try to make it. Good topic!

@CaitlinWaddick this looks very cool but unfortunately have another meeting then. How long would it be running, tho?

@bouncinglime Just an hour, I think.
I wonder whether some better time [when?] would work for more people. I could do it twice. I could schedule a second event for next week.

@CaitlinWaddick I think you're always going to have a bad time for some folks, with an international audience. Maybe another day and time the following week to catch folks who weren't available for the first?

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