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Announcement -
Social Coop Happy Hour / Round Table Discussion on Agrarian Commons and Trusts hosted by me
I scheduled it for April 8th, 11 AM Eastern Time (NYC) = UTC-4. Does that work for you? Are you coming? Should we reschedule? The place is BigBlueButton:





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How to blow up a coal mine digger, and why aren't we doing this on a regular basis as a means to prevent harm that is caused by the #ClimateCrisis?

Clearly, we need more practice orientated zines.

Picked up pueblo chiles, tomato plants, echninacea and basil, at the farmers market, along with lots of seeds. I plan to try Okra again...

Fundraiser, support Black agriculture in the Southern US 

My friend Tannur, who runs Solomon's Garden and iLogic (a community support organization), is asking for donations for one of her frequent helpers:

"Donte Davis, a friend of Solomon's Garden has had his car intentionally damaged by an oil change service. While he waits for claims and legal recourse, we want to help him get back on the road to continue his work assisting farmers across the South.

"Donte travels the southern US to assist farmers and land stewards with maintenance and innovative projects on their land, often at no cost. He has helped us and we want to show love and help him as well. Let's get him back on the road by assisting him with repairs from a certified, reputable mechanic so that he can continue his work to positively affect the lives of farmers who he so generously offers his skills and knowledge to!"

Link to FB fundraiser for Donte:

Link to ongoing GoFundMe for Solomon's Garden:

Nice article on Meet.Coop from @coopnews

"The Online Meeting Cooperative use open source software, with hardware powered by renewable energy"

El presidente brasileño Jair Bolsonaro pretende bloquear la ley que regula el uso y desarrollo de Software Libre para la función pública.


Delighted to share our article on how platforms can , thereby increasing democratic accountability and recognizing the value created by users & workers. Both old and new strategies are presented, from multi-stakeholder trusts to coop federations to tokenization.


UK pol and land 

"Today, half of England's land belongs to just 1% of the population."

Had a lovely "Joyful Check-in" this morning with a small group of food system organizers. We meet weekly for an hour to share, coordinate, brainstorm. One of today's highlights: @ssvette used to enable people to join their local community garden. This is where OFN can shine, as a key piece of shared infrastructure. Listening to the Exit to Community webinar yesterday about Circles and Cambiatus got me excited about local currency/timebank/holochain possibilities, too.

This is not a co-op 

People with more of the currency (crypto or otherwise) getting more say in decisions is literally how the whole capitalist economy is structured, smh. 🙄

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This is not a co-op 

@GuerillaOntologist This looks like the Eva Coop model, a central tech/services company (Opolis Inc. a Delaware Corporation) contracting to a franchise-type network of cooperatives which it sets up. In this case, they use the Colorado Uniform Limited Cooperative Association status -- one of those new laws that allows for outside investors and other not-so-cooperative practices.

I've worked a lot as a janitor & have had opportunity to see first hand the levels of skill that are possible in that field. The things that a skilled, professional cleaner can do could not be accomplished by plenty of "high skill" office workers.

They wouldn't have the attention to detail, the understanding of how to create efficient systems, the physical stamina required, nor the psychological wherewithal to take the condescension that comes with working as a janitor. Low skill my ass.

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Can anyone recommend any news search engines that search all independent media that are really free of conflicts of interests? is one but it always just shows server is busy.

@Matt_Noyes are the lenders actual equity owners or just de facto controllers?

Post-Capitalism Conference (solidarity economy, demsoc, ecosoc; virtual and free), Apr. 22 - Apr. 25, 2021

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