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Announcement -
Social Coop Happy Hour / Round Table Discussion on Agrarian Commons and Trusts hosted by me
I scheduled it for April 8th, 11 AM Eastern Time (NYC) = UTC-4. Does that work for you? Are you coming? Should we reschedule? The place is BigBlueButton:

Centuries before we had American Sign Language (#ASL), Native "Hand Talk" was thriving across North America. Plains Indian Sign Language (#PISL) was used so widely across the Great Plains that it became a universal language for both deaf and hearing people to communicate between tribes. At one point, tens of thousands of indigenous people used PISL for trade, hunting, conflict, storytelling and rituals. It formed the basis for ASL and has largely been lost to history.

Great to see this on Hacker News!

And no, law firms are not co-ops.

List of Worker-Owned Tech Cooperatives Worldwide -

Cyclists taking over Market in Oakland today. No idea what the event is, but I rode with them for a bit on my way home.

I absolutely LOVE this Brian Eno quote a friend posted on FB

Mask off republican racism 

If you just ignore all the deaths caused by systemic racism and a hatred of healthcare, things don't look so bad!

A general PSA: if you keep wanting to cut off your toxic family, and you're in a position where you're able to: you can, and you should. You are NOT a bad person for doing it, you deserve love and safety.

As a knitter starting to sew (and embroider), I have a question for y'all experienced sewists: is there something like Ravelry, but for sewing? (or embroidery?)

And where do you like to buy affordable fabric online?

Thank you for any tips/pointers!

Someone carved the alphabet into a tree and let it deform for five years and made a font out of it:

We've all heard of data colonialism, or "digital coloniality" more broadly, which refers to how large tech companies exploit and extract data and resources from the Global South. But what can be done to mitigate this? This is what has to say.

#reading The Red Deal

In this era of catastrophic climate change, why is it easier for some to imagine the end of fossil fuels than settler colonialism? To imagine green economies, carbon-free wind and solar energy, and electric, bullet-train utopias but not the return of Indigenous lands? Why is it easier to imagine the end of the world - a zombie apocalypse - than the end of capitalism?

Wadi Rum, Has red sand dunes. Magical.
The Bedouins drive their pickup trucks around the desert, showing tourists like me the same dozen spots, every day.

#Pakistan, #India reel under intense #HeatWave

“South #Asia, particularly India and Pakistan are faced with what has been a record-breaking heatwave. It started in early April and continues to leave the people gasping in whatever shade they find,” Rehman said in a statement.
Temperatures were predicted to rise by 6 to 8°C above average temperatures after the hottest March on record since 1961, she said.


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