Trump didn't start new wars directly. But he invited Turkey to invade and destroy the fledgling feminist cooperative economy development among the US's military allies against ISIS. This is heartbreaking.

Should Social.Coop join Meet.Coop? Should Social.Coop membership include access to BBB online conferencing? It's up to us to decide.

So far 17 people (out of 119 members on Loomio) have voted.

Finally got my diploma from Mondragon University (got an MA in 2017). Big, tacky thing with "Felipe VI, Rey de España" at the top. I don't remember him having anything to contribute...

"The levels of debt, uncertainties of jobs, hours of labor, and management of the looks and personalities of office and sales workers make it clear that being middle class is a plight and not just a perch."

Nice little interview with David Roediger about his new book.

Today's issue of Tales from the Dork Web is especially 🔥

"The biggest con Silicon Valley ever pulled off was convincing us they’re masters of innovation. Netflix brought us digital movie distribution *cries in Bittorrent*. Apple introduced Music streaming to the world *laughs in Napster*. Facebook invented social media *no they didn’t*."

"Most tech companies disrupt by displacing existing middlemen and acting as a new gatekeeper. Uber displaces taxi services. AirBNB displaced couchsurfing. Facebook displaced your friends." 🙀 😹 😿 👏🏼

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**Progressives Demand "Corporate-Free Cabinet" as Biden Taps Pharma & Fossil Fuel Allies for Top Jobs**

"Climate and racial justice activists are mobilizing with union members and newly elected members of Congress at the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee to call on President-elect Joe Biden to address the intersecting crises of the pandemic, economy and c…"

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**Ro Khanna: Progressives Helped Biden Win. We Can't Stop Push for Green New Deal & Medicare for All**

"Former Vice President Joe Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris are set to take power, after a projected more than 150 million ballots were cast in the 2020 election. A debate is growing over the future of the Democratic Party as progressive lawmakers push back on Biden's cen…"

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Desde REASEuskadi:

¡Este año la feria de la Economía Solidaria de Euskadi será virtual! Del 27 de noviembre al 18 de diciembre, ¡HAY ALTERNATIVAS!
Desde un escaparate virtual donde encontraréis los productos y servicios de más de 80 entidades a una agenda completa con charlas, presentaciones, proyecciones… Incluso un espacio propio para las socias de REAS Euskadi. Descubre más en

Activists Win Control of Vacant Philadelphia Buildings: Now What?

Remodeling abandoned buildings is no joke. The building trades, like anything, take a long time to get good at, and the skills require practice to do well, which is something the activists should not underestimate.

I'd think it would be much more efficient to intensively train a crew to do all the work for everybody, rather than try to train everybody to do a portion of the work that needs done 1/2

I was planning on defending my dissertation on my own in the nice clean office at work. But my daughter came into contact with someone with COVID so we're getting tested and self-quarantining.

Now I'll be defending the dissertation in the basement of a cluttered house with 4 on other zoom calls and a barking dog. As you do.

Excited to have our submission to the "Sharing & Cooperativism: Designing For Economies" workshop at NordiCHI 2020 accepted!

Not sure how it works really, but we're interested to engage with HCI (Human Computer Interaction) researchers about the intersection of grassroots resource saving initiatives, open source software, and democratic governance.

I'm not in academia but keen to try and support the bridge between theory and practise.




The Electoral College is institutionalized racism.

This is Abby and she’s a mini horse and I get to see her every day this month ❤️❤️❤️

Woman Who Says She Was Fired for Being a Lesbian Is Elected Sheriff

“Charmaine McGuffey, an ex-major in the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office in Ohio, defeated her former boss in a primary and won the general election against a candidate the sheriff had backed.”

🎶 Sandy Worm dune dune du-dune du-dune 🎶

uspol, liberals/Democrats are fascists too 

Look, all we're saying is, if you prefer going back to normal over actually making things better for the people who are actively crushed under "normal", you're basically admitting you want the same thing as the people crying "MAGA".

You want us to go back to a time where BIPOC and LGBTQ+ people weren't actually fighting for equal rights. You want a time when we just sat down, shut up, and took our beatings from y'all and accepted that our "representation" in media or otherwise was purely that of the villain.

We can never go back to normal, so stop asking for it. And if you don't, then don't go crying when we treat you the same as your Trumpian allies.

We have no patience for fascists, regardless of whether you're brownshirts, blueshirts, or redshirts.

US pol 

or BETTER YET, find a local grassroots org you like, who has a focus on racial justice as well as leftist economic policy, and support the shit outta THEIR candidates.

remember, we have another election cycle in 2022.

you can take a breather, but this shit is gonna pick up again.

so get ready to put your money where your mouth is, so to speak, and start investing time in the change you claim you so badly want to see, versus bullying BIPOC about their feelings.

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