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Announcement -
Social Coop Happy Hour / Round Table Discussion on Agrarian Commons and Trusts hosted by me
I scheduled it for April 8th, 11 AM Eastern Time (NYC) = UTC-4. Does that work for you? Are you coming? Should we reschedule? The place is BigBlueButton:

Let's see if this works (posted on FB):

I am turning 60 on Monday, so I'd like to use the occasion to raise some money to help out a few of the grassroots movements for social transformation that I support and encourage people to try out a cooperative alternative to GAFAM. So,

Option A: make a donation to Labor Notes (, GEO (, or OFN (

Option B: join Social.Coop and sign up for a free Meet.Coop acct.

Option C: Both!"

Hey Everyone,

If you are still interested in offering your voices to our (WIP) co-op spec play, we're going be doing our first readthrough on October 24th at 5PM EST if you can make it. We plan to do readthroughs every other Sunday after that date.

Here is a link to the (view only) doc:

@BestGirlGrace @fidgetcetera @ntnsndr @human_equivalent @csepp n @thraeryn @ana @signal9 @blindscribe @sam @sigaard @emi @Matt_Noyes @CaitlinWaddick

Happy birthday to one of my most inspiring collaborators and model for the type of person I’d like to grow up to be!!!

@Matt_Noyes I’m so stoked to have met you and look forward to all of the fun and INNOVATIVE projects you’ll be lending your wisdom to next year and in years to come!

"DisCO is a funky & fair framework based on 7 Principles, combining the best of worker-owned coops, the Commons & P2P, Feminist Economics, cutting edge & 3.0 tech into a fun, woke and deadly serious package ripe for easy uptake & replication."

Pic: Dr. Irene López de Vallejo's presentation at @tostratosferica ❤️

Great article by our folks at P2PModels:

"Blockchain 2.0 culture promotes competition and meritocracy as forms of social reproduction, where these views are further emboldened by the arrival of a new technology that is seen to fit these goals."👇

"Collectively managed servers enable the creation of local digital territories, where services can be curated, created, and hosted by the community itself."

Read Luandro of Digital Democracy on how can communities can build networks for indigenous empowerment:

Colleague, mentor, and friend, Dr. Jessica Gordon Nembhard has been sued by a former member of the cooperative community. She is the author of Collective Courage: A History of African American Cooperative Economic Thought and Practice. Even a baseless lawsuit inflicts great harm. Please donate to defray her substantial legal expenses.

And please pass the link.

This fall I’ve been planting a small guerrilla forest garden on some unused public land. My idea is trying to create a system that, once established, continues to produce free food for people year after year even if I (or anybody else) weren’t there to tend to it. So far my plantings include:

- white oak
- siberian peashrub
- gooseberry
- raspberry
- black currant
- strawberry
- lovage
- garlic
- walking onion

I’d love to hear if you guys have ideas what other hardy perennials I could be planting, or any other thoughts about doing this kind of work.

#gardening #PlantAForestGarden #SeizeTheMeansOfFoodProduction

@CaitlinWaddick @emi @cadwellsocialcoop @josh @Matt_Noyes Hey y'all, how was last Sunday's meeting? I could't be online then; I was in the USVI. Saw octopuses: am thinking about consciousness. My book club, we are reading _Certain Dark Things, pitting indigenous, pre-Aztec vampires against Euro'n vampires in an alt. Mexico City.
My 2nd Oct. read could be Caldwell's new book, _No Gods, No Monsters. Is it too creepy/scary for me? I love what he is doing, so I will try it!

Imagine the impact democratically governed, locally owned and operated, and consciously moderated social media companies could have on the world.

We need Public Social just like we need Public Education.

Well funded, universally available, and operated by people who care deeply about healthy online communities.

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Facebook-owned Whatsapp being down is a reminder that you and your friends should probably be using a more private, non-profit alternative like @Signalapp anyway (or another open-source app of your choice).

It's just as free, and takes like 30 seconds to switch.


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