I'm thinking to paint this laptop, a 2015 model. Is there any reason I shouldn't?
I would only paint the cover. I'm thinking to use a paintbrush to apply white primer with an acrylic-friendly medium. Then, flat acrylics: I'll use big blobs of paint, marbleize them with card stock, and finalize it with a sealant or shimmer glaze. Or, I could paint a color gradient.

**COVID Exposes "Significant Racial Health Inequities" as Black, Brown & Indigenous People Suffer Most**

"The coronavirus continues to hit communities of color the hardest, with federal data showing African American and Latinx people are nearly three times more likely to be infected and twice as likely to die from the virus compared to their white neighbors. There were "pretty…"


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The best things in life are free...like Mauricio's Drupal webinars! Intro to Drupal? Yes. Migrations? Check. First one starting in <1hr - sign up now! agaric.coop/blog/free-drupal-9

I am setting up a new-to-me laptop after working across a buncha devices for months. I just typed social.coop into the browser, and the keychain correctly prompted *both* my username and password! May wonders never cease! (Now, if I can just figure out my many-merged Contact lists from the last 18 years. The dups are making me crazy. Plus an older version also had additional Contacts from awry iphone-iTunes use on someone's computer in the '00's: really, Apple? Why did iTunes suck so long!)

Here is a short video that explains what the 4th of July holiday means to some Americans:
"What to the Slave is the 4th of July" Frederick Douglass Speech

CAREER CHANGE??? I changed my life by learning to build Drupal websites. It was a dooorway to freedom and learning more.

Starting on July 7th!!! Agaric offers FREE trainings on Drupal 9 site building.


For example, Kantrowitz says: "The tech giants are successful largely because they’ve reimagined how we approach work. [...] they’ve figured out how to maximize the time their employees spend coming up with new ideas and minimize the time they spend supporting existing products."

This is simply incorrect. FAANG are successful largely thanks to the increased exploitation that is facilitated by digital products at scale, especially when coupled with lock-in, network effects and globalization.

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The idea that the tech giants are successful because of "innovation" driven "by employees" is also largely a myth. For example, Google continues to make over 90% of their profits from ads on their search engine: two products, out of the dozens they've built. In fact, Google has struggled to diversify their revenue streams for over a decade now.

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On this 4th of July, Cat Ur Day, Mouse demonstrates how to optimally subjugate a white man, extracting his valuable body heat to maximum personal advantage.

@CaitlinWaddick mix it all together, shape it into a patty and fry it? FWIW I would avoid seed oils that are extracted with heat and chemicals, and use an oil like olive or hemp oil, ideally extra virgin. Also one with a high burning point like coconut fat for frying in.

How do I make a veggie burger that is GF and soy free, maybe with these ingredients:
Millet, kale, sunflower oil, sweet potato, tapioca starch, ground flaxseed, sea salt, apple cider vinegar, chopped onion, minced garlic

Fuck YES! They cancelled the Atlantic Coast Pipeline!!!!

Hey Social.Coop friends, amateur herbalist in the house ... free consults, up to my bandwidth

I am doing the Platform Coops Now! course. PCC & Mondragon Offer Online Course to Incubate Platform Co-ops | Platform Cooperativism Consortium (platform.coop/blog/a-pcc-mondr)
Is anyone else here interested in doing it. Today is the last day to sign up.

Used Stainless steel travel mugs - is there a re-use for old mugs? In the Winter, we like to take hot drinks when we are out and about for the day. Some containers now have problems. They leak because they don’t seal. Or the lids don’t work right. I want to do something with the old mugs before I buy news ones with more easily replaced parts.

55% of Americans report that they are more stressed now than they were in January.

Fascinating article on the concept of kegare 穢れ - impurity, contamination, etc. - which is central in the discrimination against women, foreigners, and so-called buraku people. I learned about this first from my friends in the buraku liberation movement, including workers at the Tokyo slaughterhouse.

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BLM, reparations, wealth, us 

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This Abolition Study Guide if filled with great pointers and content. abolitionjournal.org/studyguid

So much to read/watch/learn, so little time! 🙀

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