This twitter thread where the Foundation sought out opinions of their logo update brings up so many thoughts, including:

* How shitty many free software enthusiasts are to designers
* How simply asking "what do you think?" to the random public rarely solicits helpful feedback
* How is difficult to do and needs more experimentation and practitioners to grow and improve

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Really enjoyed #StrangerThings 3. It was ace!

Now catching up with #Dark. Thanks to crappy #mecfs memory, having to start with series 1 again because I hardly remember anything :blobfacepalm:

In 1674, the “Women’s Petition Against Coffee” called for a ban on coffee, suggesting that it made men too talkative and rendered them “unfruitful” in the bedroom.

Had another epic weekend in the mountains. It was absolutely perfect despite dire weather forecast. We cranked out 24 km and over 2400m of elevation gain. Body/spirit felt amazing. I’ve neglected work for the past two days though, and I worry I’ll never grow up to take my “real” responsibilities seriously. What is the balance between self care and selfishness? How much”contribution to society” is enough to permit some days of pure pleasure?

It's funny too bc kids have liked me ever since I can remember being not-a-kid myself, even when I was not very comfortable with them. I realized why - it's because I don't condescend to them. I often knew when older ppl were acting this way to me when I was small, and I haaated it.

I treat kids like they're full on human beings with agency, not Humans Lite who only get a subset of the consideration offered to Humans Pro. I find people respond positively to this regardless of age.

...the amount of time their capital has been in the fund. So, for instance, if I invest $50 in y1, and someone else invests $100 in y2, then, at the end of y2, each investor would get 50% of the return, because they each have 100 dollar years.

Still wrapping my head around all the implications, but it's quite the novel approach, and I'm curious to see if any of the other nerds on here have thoughts.

Had a very interesting call with Blake Jones, the founder of , a successful and growing in , about the Kachuwa Impact Fund he's organizing that is organized as a and aims to invest in co-ops and "impact real estate" where the tenants are co-ops, b-corps, etc.

The most innovating piece of what he's doing is applying the logic of patronage to equity investment returns through the model of "dollar years." Bascially, the idea is that members get credit for... 1/

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Thanks to @nathanielpopper's new article, I now know that @duckduckgo has an angel on its office, and other good things:

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Friends, I have a new draft paper that's inspired a bit by our challenges of governance on this platform: "Admins, Mods, and Benevolent Dictators for Life: The Implicit Feudalism of Online Communities"

I'd love any comments you might have.

Bees that return to the hive drunk are not allowed in.

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