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"I have a great belief that whenever there is chaos, it creates wonderful thinking. I consider chaos a wonderful gift." -- Septima Clark

In the wake of a wonderful chat about I came across this remarkable interview with Highlander Folk School Founder Myles Horton (ca 1980). Gives some context on the history of social activism and organization in the American South, and is quite relevant today.

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We just finished a great discussion of . Thanks all! @neil will post the notes on Loomio with a link here. We used .io for chat and etherpad (did not work for one person) and for conference calling. Overall we were very impressed by the ambition and thoroughness of the strategy that organizers have mapped out. Click here to to join the working group to organize an online discussion with

Cooking and chilling today Want to poke around vegan recipe ideas. Anybody got any go-to sites & sources?

(Side note: Ulrich Schnauss' Far Away Trains Passing by just might be the perfect music for a Sunday.)

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Starting a "meal share" with my local family. Everyone participating is preparing a large batch of something, and then we all trade portions. I'm really hoping folks like and it sticks around.

Hayley and I like to prep as much food over the weekend as possible to make eating well during the week easier. Making a bunch of one thing is a lot easier than making a smaller batch of several things.

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If you're ever feeling unsure of what to do, try to visualize the future you want and think of the changes in the world between how it is now and how you want it to be.

It's silly (and obvious) but it's somehow really easy to forget.

If you're having trouble deciding which change to make first, try to think about which changes need to come first. Always look for the root changes, everything else is secondary at best.

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the evil government of israel's firing on unarmed protestors is pretty much identical to the evil nixon firing on the Kent State protestors, so it is easy to see why Natalie Portman would refuse to go to israel now.
no one who was good would.
nixon, like the evil monsters in israel did not express any remorse in the days after the shooting, for the dead children and people at Kent State.
so like JFK said, about Berlin, i am a Palestinian.

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Help out the tightshift coop get to their fundraising goal.

"Tightshift Laboring Cooperative’s mission is to model a just, equitable economy, where workers profit from their labor through cooperative ownership."

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behold, the greatest #foodpun and #dogpun rolled into adorable hell yes Show more

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Migration to is underway. My internet access keeps cutting out, and I wonder if the Chinese Conglomerate that owns is stopping my border cross. 🤔 😆

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Where user-friendly stands for self-managed with no Zuck-like mogul and not even a well-meaning admin who gets to decides the rules of the game.

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Fun fact: is in the top 100 instances by number of members worldwide.
Not bad at all if you ask me!