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It's a prime day to ditch from your life. It's that shitty boyfriend who's no good for you. Let it go.

With the cooler early mornings we've had recently, I've had the chance to open a window and hear the call of a Barred Owl in the distance. Lovely.

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Seen on LinkedIn: "You get paid for your value, not for your time" and it may be the white malest thing I have ever read. 🤔

These are publicly available 24/7 if anyone is interested in checking them out. The one I just shared is a GeoColor image.

This was a cool satellite view around daybreak this morning. City lights still visible over the Southeast and Midwest. The tropical storm lurks just out to sea from North Carolina.

Discovered the podcast Terrible, Thanks for Asking this week. Really deep, powerful stories and the host is pretty amazing. Worth your attention.

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This is my friend's cat Angel. She is 20 years old today. Boost this toot to wish her a happy birthday! #mastocats

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A long walk to start the day, cooked food for the week ahead, and I deleted my profile on the dystopian hell that is . Now that's a productive Sunday.

Folks in Portland might want to kick the tires, too. Sounds like they have a conference coming there in November.

Anybody heard of the movement? A Meet-Up group is apparently starting in Raleigh/Durham. @tbeckett @nmashton

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hey if this post gets 1000 boosts then i'll be ashamed of a thousand of you

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So, I'm having a conversation about the value of with a fellow who is advocating for the "nice capitalists" to swoop in and do a better job. He shared the linked research from London on the fair trade coffee's impact on African growers. Anyone know anything about the study, the agency, etc?

(Side note that I didn't know so many people hated Fair Trade. Curious as to why.)

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