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"The story of tiny Nauru (...) is a tale of rapacious colonialism, epic mismanagement, and avarice. Australia, New Zealand and Britain had nearly exhausted the viable deposits of phosphate by 1968 when Australia granted Nauru sovereignty, leaving behind one of the world’s worst environmental disasters."

But hey, "the saver-investor initiates a "process of civilization" according to some...

"(...) the researchers say the overall conclusion of the experiment is clear: bipartisan networks can break down barriers, but any reminder that an issue is “political” can spoil the whole thing."

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They: "But the statistics say …"
Me: "Can you give me them?"
They: "No, you can google it for yourself"
I google it, find out that they do not support what the person said and tell/show them the articles.
They: "You can't trust statistics, that you didn't fix up yourself"

What the fuck?

So we're on 2.5 now.

Many thanks to all those involved!

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Everything looks so shiney! Thank you to the people who did the work to upgrade our instance.

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Wooooosh.... fast foward >>>> >>> is now running the very latest Mastodon v 2.5.0 that was released in the last 24 hours.
Thank you @vmatekole and @wu_lee for the great work.

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Me entristece tener que informarles que hoy, mientras se llevava acabo un mitin pacifico por la mala administración de los CCHs de la UNAM y por el feminicidio de esta semana, llegaron porros con palos, rocas, petardos y molotovs a agredir a los estudiantes.

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feels so fancy with the 2018 version of mastodon tonite... :)

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hey, I'm looking for scifi films and series that are _not_ action shitshows with scifi-colouring, but actual explorations of interesting ideas. any suggestions beyond the obvious?

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i do want to add that this fire not only destroyed the Paço de São Cristóvão, but also the oldest portions of the National Archive, which date back to the arrival of the Portuguese. Documents contained there included a copy of the 1492 Treaty of Tordesillas, the first and only extant copy of Língua Brasilica, a Roman Catholic manual of prayer in Old Tupi written by St José Anchieta, apostle of Brazil, and the Brazilian crown jewels.

Details are forthcoming--

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There is widespread consternation and outrage that the Museu Nacional was subject to extreme budget cuts and "reforms" during President Michel Temer's tenure in the week of the impeachment of his political rival, Dilma Rousseff.

The fire could have been prevented had fire hydrants been working on the grounds of the Museu. Unfortunately, the funding for that was cut by the Temer government.

Capitalism at work 😘

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The most underrated thing about mastodon is seeing all posts in chronological order without any stupid bullshit to interrupt that order

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Capitalists be like
No biggie, free market will fix it

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members, 3 items:

- The Code of Conduct passed the vote and is now the policy of our . If you have not yet, please take a moment to familiarize yourself with it here:

- We will be going down for an upgrade at 1700 UTC on Monday. Thanks @wu_lee & @vmatekole!

- Following tonight's call, there is a proposal live to form a "Co-op Regeneration Team" empowered to direct operational and policy matters for the next six months. Weigh in!

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Just to be clear, my main criticism of at this point is that we don't have any custom anarchist/trans emojis 😂

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If you're planning on attending the community working group call tonight about the ops team, and the formation of the body to take on the co-op's reboot, we've switched from the Google Hangout to a Zoom room.

The new link is embedded in the check poll in the CWG, but if you have trouble finding it, don't hesitate to DM me. Call starts at 7:30pm EDT

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