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Chrome/Chromium's private browsing is definitely broken

If a site can tell you're browsing incognito, then it's completely failed to prevent data leakage

I'd very much like to know how these sites accomplish this privacy violation


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.. flashbacks of things that never happened and places never visited, like if I was remembering somebody else's life. Moments that feel like memories of things I should have done in my 20s, but never did. Like lost opportunities for happines that now come back to haunt me.

@iona this is still very, very actual in Italy :P

@njoseph I read there is a 15.1 version of Lineage OS capable of running on the A5 hardware, but I'm not sure how stable, supported and safe it is to be doing so, as the device is only officially supported by v.14.1

"Overall, everything I need is present and accounted for. My laptop feels faster, is undeniably more stable and it's just been. . . pleasant. Backups are easy. Navigating the operating system is intuitive. Altering the look and feel of your desktop takes a few clicks. Virtual workspaces are here. WINE -- for running Windows software on Linux -- is easier than ever to get up and running."

Is 2018 the year of the Linux desktop?

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"We may be young and new, but we know what's up" - teenage immigrant organizer, Lee Nguyen (I think)

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Berlin's lesbian cemetery: "We wanted to stay together, to be close to those with whom we lived, we loved, we worked, we fought."

I eventually made up my mind and got a 2017 Samsung A5. Cant' wait to install Lineage OS on it!

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@Antanicus "Does Google depend on centralisation and control of the web? Yes."

@h simple questions need simple answers :D

Daily web design WTF moment:
if you read the "color" value of an element ( it gives you an rgb() triplet, but if you write on it (after letting the user pick a colour using the HTM5 input type "color"), you get a hex value.

Go. Fucking. Figure.

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Coalescenza: di autonomie diffuse, ecologicamente senzienti, di nuclei dal futuro, in città - dove la #resistenza è maggiormente necessaria - ed oltre quelle nella sacra inerzia "naturale". Spazi liberi che connettano, rigenerino senza servire nessun potere, distruggano le ragioni economiche, si rendano capaci di corrodere il relitto già rovinato del capitale quanto di attaccare senza NESSUN RIMORSO la nuova trama dell'oscurità dominante.

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Time to sip a morning coffee and post a #cyberpic to decorate the local timeline.

@Ofelia @jops @anarcofem

> dimostrare quanto questa sia invece non solo una valida alternativa, ma proprio l'unica strada

- ho lanciato esattamente con questo obiettivo: dimostrare che si può serenamente riportare il controllo dei social media nelle mani delle persone, per di più creando anche lavoro (da qui la scelta della forma cooperativa)

@Ofelia è che fa tanto tanto figo criticare ogni cosa a priori...

@hypolite yes! that's the whole idea of the game. See that flower? It seems to attract that predator... What if you extracted the compound and put it onto your suit to get yourself a bodyguard?