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Antanicus @Antanicus

"Chrome has outgrown its competition in a way that’s unhealthy. My colleague Tom Warren already detailed the deleterious effects of Chrome’s outsize influence, with web developers optimizing and coding specifically for Chrome (and Google encouraging the practice), with unhappy connotations of the crummy old days when Internet Explorer was the dominant browser for the web."

Chrome's basically spyware. Get rid of it ASAP.

@Antanicus I only use Chrome under duress. Firefox even has a great Facebook Fence app when I have to go there also.

@Antanicus @alanz

I've loved #Firefox and #Mozilla for a couple of decades.

But now, I'm not sure anymore I can trust them. No kidding:

I realized that the #Web is still a #DARPA #weapon.

It let #USA to #control companies that in turn control the #Javascript that run on my computer, in #Europe.

I seemed strange when #W3C let #WHATWG throw away #XHTML and #XLS (and centuries of men work with them).

Not it assumes a damn sense.

@Shamar @alanz I agree with you, it would be naive to think the web is "out there for free". But then again, I'd rather install a browser that runs off a codebase I can actually read and double check...

@Antanicus Very good article. The best thing about firefox is that it only loads the open window from the last session, which is not the case for chrome.