... probably for the same reason that people in decades prior stopped taking buses and streetcars and instead drove cars." - Paul Ford
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Now we are going back to sharing machines that we are told exist in "the cloud". Could a return to mass transit be the future of transport?
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@strypey for the analogy to hold, all mass transit systems worldwide should be privatised first

@antanicus privatization of public transport infrastructure has been underway for decades in this country, leading to

@strypey and that's precisely why I used the word "worldwide". Let me explain: cloud computing has been pushed on us because it is profitable at a global scale (you can pay Amazon for an AWS instance regardless of your location); to achieve the same level of global profitability, mass transit systems should be privatised worldwide, by a small group of companies, given the hyper local nature of mass transit.

@antanicus the point of the analogy is the shift from PC back to shared computing might actually be good, only the private ownership is bad

@strypey I get it, and I agree with you. I just wanted to point out that global private ownership is a key difference between cloud infrastructures and mass transit ones. besides this, I am all for mass transit

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