Beware friends: don't fall for the neo-fascist and neo-nazi strategy of "prove me wrong". They are well aware of the need to disguise their ideology at this stage, which makes them EXTREMELY good at nit-picking your every word to put you at a disadvantage. DO NOT waste your time replying to their requests for "sources".

@lilletale still, that puts you squarely into their trap: you took the bait and they will nag you till you're fed up or you block them. In both cases, they score a point (ie. You didn't prove them wrong in a definitive way)


This tactic is sometimes called the Gish Gallop.

Or sealioning.

@Antanicus There's some religious fanatics doing the same from behind one of those "free speech" instances.

@h let me guess, they call themselves "patriots" and "defenders of the Christian values"?

@Antanicus I didn't take the time to ask. I blocked them, not for their political views (I disagree with most people anyway, so that's a non-issue to me) but for their stupidity. If they think they will achieve anything trying to read randomly picked passages from the bible to me, they're wasting their time, and they're not the brightest of their kin. Too easy. I'll reserve my energies for the time when they send someone serious.
The Exorcist or something 😃

@h well done. Acting dumb is part of the strategy: asking the same question over and over, repeatedly missing the point, not getting basic hints... It's all meant to tire the opponents and make them give up.

@Antanicus Amen! Might I recommend Sartre's "Anti-Semite and Jew" for this purpose? It spells out the fascists' entire rhetorical playbook. Can't recommend it enough.


-Prove me wrong.
-I'm not your P.A., give me money.

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