#3Oct general strike :)
- media is govering 'everywhere' the violence comming from spanish gov.
- politician leaders started to speak out against the Rojay gov.
- calls that Rojay gov has to resign has made by major of barcelona, and that it's from now on not anymore about the split between catalonia and spain but between spain and rojay gov.
- In all this event brought a great oportunity to clean up spains institutions from fascists etc
- many ppl still voted yesterday

@Antanicus It's going to be either EU-mediated negotiation (unlikely) or Unilateral Declaration of Independence.

I was in Cataluyna for the vote - and political opinion was on a knife-edge on Saturday night.

By Sunday night - many soft-unionists had changed their minds and now support independence.
Echoes of fascism too much for some.

Conflict ahead.

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