@Antanicus That quote remains accurate. It's so gross. The other big one, that I hear a lot in mainstream political discourse, is "taxpayer." This is, of course, part of the neoliberal "treat everything like the market" agenda. So we look at what people pay into the government as taxpayers, rather than our role as citizens. It also devalues anyone who's poor enough that they don't pay taxes and inflates the wealthy because they, in theory, pay more in taxes (but often don't).

@Antanicus Instead of a polis of equal citizens, some voices are presumed to be worth more, because they pay more in taxes (or are presumed to do so since, again, the very rich often manage to avoid paying many of the taxes they should be paying).

@ink_slinger @Antanicus There's even a non-trivial number of people actively suggesting that in #yyc (large Canadian city) -- that "property owners" should get more say than e.g. "mere renters" because the latter "don't pay taxes" (ignoring, of course, that "renters" most certainly *do* because the owners will pass on all costs, including property taxes)...

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