@Antanicus And the same could be said, for me, as to the Catalan independence process, where many people desire a new classic nation-state, even inside the European Union.
Now the problem is: if Catalunya really wanted to be a state-free region in this Kurdish way, it would have to fight not only against Spain, but also against the EU and NATO, because NO ONE would accept such a direct attack to its paradigm of state and elite power.

@nestort truth be told, Catalunya could actually pull it off, if they tried. Not only the region is already strong on cooperative economy (I'm thinking of the CIC), but it also has the twin advantage of being in Europe (ie. No risk of military engagements) but it also has a renowned status worldwide (because Barcellona).
It wouldn't be easy, but they could sure have it easier than the Kurds...

@Antanicus Actually, I am not so sure that being physically in Europe is of any good (remember Yugoslavia in the 90s).
And maybe we could go on, but first we'd have to increase the majority of the people who actually want the independence. Currently it is thinly above 50%, which is not enough for such a big confrontation. As I see it, currently independence is only viable if Spain agrees, which is not the case (and doubt that it may ever be)

Yeah the numbers should be in the 90% ballpark for anything this size to happen...


The issue any anarchist theoretical society faces is incursion from imperialist nation-states and corporations. I think for an anarchist society to thrive, there must be a cultural precedent for independence; as well as no fear of confrontation culturally. That is, every individual must be willing to fight to the death for their freedom. Perhaps less extreme methods for enduring capitalist intrusion exists?

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