"At launch, the Academy Software Foundation's members include Disney, Intel, Unreal Engine, Dreamworks and WETA Digital. Its announcement comes just in time for SIGGRAPH next week, the annual conference focused on computer graphics. "

Is it just me, or this reads a lot like "Hollywood wants to extend its reach into the Linux Foundation to make sure DRM is strictly enforced"?

Maybe not: Disney/Pixar, Dreamworks and Weta are all big users of Linux in their rendering/CGI pipelines.

It could be that they are simply trying to get better graphics & drivers and performance/memory improvements into Linux.

Despite all the hoopla about year X being the year of Linux on the desktop, most people are still running something else on their home machines...

@Antanicus It's a bit of that, a bit of other things too. The presence of Unreal in this turf indicates to me that it's also probably about VR and VR cinema.

@Antanicus To me it just sounds like Disney wants to make sure the tools they use are the best possible, according to their needs

@Antanicus You can be sure that if they actually manage to get DRM code in there it will be stripped in a fork.

In fact there's already a fork open which would do such a thing, Linux-libre. (They were upset about the inclusion of binary firmware in Linux, which the FSF interprets as making it technically illegal to redistribute unmodified Linux kernels)

@Antanicus Didn't see them suggest anything like that in the artical, though I wouldn't put it past them. Though it does read like they're hallucinating licensing problems having been so used to the proprietary world.

In fact I've heard from someone at Weta who wishes the studio would be more open to using Libre Software. And from what he said about the tools they use, switching to Blender could help the devs create better UIs for the animators.

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