"This was a group of so-called alt-right protesters who decided that a socialist bookshop, which stocks radical literature and working-class history titles and provides stalls for national trade union conferences, was a legitimate target for violence."

If this kind of shit doesn't wake up people, then nothing will. Fascists attacking books is the last step before fascists attacking people.


@bob we're literally getting there again and nobody cares. I remember, as a kid, asking myself: "but why didn't people act when they saw the nazis?"... Now I know the answer: they don't care.

@Antanicus It's not necessarily that they don't care, it's that a lot of life only becomes interpretable with hindsight. At the time many events just seem like random BS since their significance has not yet crystalized into a narrative.

@bob this might have been an excuse in the 30s, when all this was "new". But today? We've been through this once, and most people have studied the consequences of nazism/fascism in school. There is literally no excuse for ignoring the rise of the neo-fascists in the XXI century.




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