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You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.

If you're in the UK, then Cex ( is a good place to go for second-hand electronics (phones, laptops, consoles, etc) and entertainment stuff (DVDs, games).

And British Heart Foundation charity shops are pretty good for second-hand electricals (

Leaving today for #catalunya, where next weekend we'll give a workshop during #hacktheearth at the 'ecoindustrial post-capitalist colony' #calafou. Picture by @webmind

Ayer en #Albacete, Komun estuvo promoviendo FairCoin y las Monedas Sociales en el taller: "Otras formas de ganarse la vida. Economías Alternativas".

Yesterday in Albacete [Spain] Komun was promoting #FairCoin and social currencies in workshop: "Other ways to make a living. Alternative economies."

Sábado, 13 abril estaremos en la Fira de la Terra de #Barcelona, en léspai 6 de 12 a 13 horas, rediseñando la economía, con

Moneda social, redes y empoderamiento con herramientas libres y colectivos como las EcoXarxas, Descapitaliza y Komun.

Hoy en #Albacete Otras formas de ganarse la vida. Economías alternativas || Today in Albacete [Spain]. Other ways to make a living. Alternative economies.

#Dicha n2
Bienaventurad@s l@s que trabajen por la tierra porque ell@s poseerán todos sus frutos.

Been a busy few months, culminating in 6 new lambs and 12 chicks in the past couple of weeks. Have some baby animal pics and a reminder that we're still looking for fine people to form an intentional community with. 😊

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